PART 6 – Wandering in a city of modern technological communication where man tries to rise above God

Realizing that love and compassion are the highest attributes of life that connect existence to the cosmic whole, he enters the modern world where science and technology have taught the citizens to disbelieve in anything higher than their existence as a biological specie caught in competition of survival in a meaningless world. Here people communicate in virtual spheres without mental or physical nearness. Life is flooded with products of consumer goods, and attractions of devilish nature. Human beings communicate profusely for fun, business and to gain benefits from self advertisements through cybernet. Everywhere everything is perceived as products to be sold. Blasphemy and cynicism about anything higher than the free will and competition to govern the market, dominate the culture. Here Tathagata preaches about the cosmic nature of man and explains the purpose of his journey in this modern world. He professes about the divinity in man. ace.

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