PART 1- Intorduction : Odysseus`Journey between the islands of the sun and the moon is our journey of life

The hero of Homer`s Odyssey, the victor of the War of Troy, was caught in a perpetual wandering between the islands of the sun and the moon when he was set in a journey to return home.

What relation does Odysseus`s journey have to our own journey of life? The introduction will explain how the journey of Odysseus, where the hero is caught in the motion of the wheel of the sun and the moon, which perpetuates the cycles of life, death and regeneration life after life, is similar to the journey of the universal man Tathagata, to whom we all belong. Like Odysseus, Tathagata is wandering between the shores of the sun and the moon.  On one shore, where human life remains captivated by the delusion of the senses, he encounters the mortal beings seeking power, wealth and gratification of the instinctual pleasures. On the shore of the moon, the forces of night and the dark appear as the killing power lurking behind all life.  The journey passes through a reality of life criss-crossing many paths, which are entangled in different levels of consciousness manifested as passions, emotions and power of contemplation. While sailing through torments and tides he seeks to find a way out of the suffering world caught in  the wheel of life and death.

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