PART 2 -Journey in the village life where people seek wealth, power and instinctual pleasure

The reality is projected through many levels of consciousness, manifested through the instincts and biological needs, as well as nonsensual experiences of transcendental nature. Through these projections at different levels, life appears as a pandemonium of many ideas, emotions, feelings and urges of contradictory nature. The biological needs generate the primary foundation of reality, which set life in competitions with each other. The needs to secure the conditions for one`s own survival and the progenies are pivotal to most life. In the first part of the journey Tathagata enters this stage, where love is instinctual, needs are biological and human aspirations for success are driven by the will-to-power and secure dominance over the weaker ones. Here life revolves around festivitiy in the instinctual arena, where men and women seek love, pleasure and way to escape the suffering brought forth by the ever present power of death. In this “Village Life” Tathagata joins the festive dance with the village beauties and ends up as a captive in the hands of the tyrant, who holds hegemony of power in this level of existence.

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