PART 3 – Journey in the creative world of the musicians, poets and artists

Beyond the realm of the sensual and instinctual world lies the realm of the mind from where urges to ascend from the sense-bound world appear. Here Tathagata enters a confusing world where so-called reality is indistinguishable from dreams and the universal archetypal world expressed through mythical characters. Here the artists, musicians and poets trudge and muses and nymphs inspire their creative spirit. It is the realm of Orpheus, the musician of Heaven and the priest of God Apollo in Greek mythology. Tathagata searches beauty and love among the muses and nymphs in the forest and encounters the despotic character, who is still lurking in the darkness of the mind. The search for beauty in this realm ends up in becoming blind. It appears as a treacherous path laid by destiny, which is not comprehensible by reason and rationality.

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