PART 5 – Journey through the realm of planets, stars and galaxies in the universe

Tathagata, who is being accompanied by the Guide of the Soul, asks his guide to bring him out of the earthly spheres where the instinct man, or the artists, musicians and poets, or the philosophers are seeking their individual destiny and meaning as helpless creatures bound to ignorance. They fly in the cosmic realm where the guide explains about the meaning behind the existence of the universe and the destiny of life and death perpetuating everywhere in all times. Being enlightened by the guide about the cosmic mystery, he realizes that the attempt of Odysseus to escape the wheel of life and death caught between the motions of the sun and the moon, rises due to ignorance and illusion. Realizing the oneness of all, where every existence is entangled in the entire scheme of the universe, he returns to seek fulfillment of the meaning of being by enacting the cosmic will in human life.

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